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As a mom, I found myself struggling to find time for myself. If I wanted 5mins to myself, I had to pretend to use the toilet or just hide. Every time I did get more than 5mins to myself, mom guilt quickly came over me and made me feel bad. So after finally deciding that “Me Time” is important and that self-care is not selfish, I started taking daily baths to decompress and relax. During my 30mins, I would soak in a CBD infused bath, light a candle, drink my champagne, and stay in silent. I would sleep much better and wake up ready for my day. I saw a change in my own behavior and being more patient with my kids. I knew at this moment that all MOMS deserve 30mins of Me Time. Help me spread the word. Join me on this journey as we will explore the fast growing CBD-Hemp industry, new trends & products, and make some easy DIY. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on IG @Kurelavie.


Golnesa Brunner

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